Continuous Quality Improvement

In Newcastle, the quality of care we provide is something that we are proud of and we have a long history of being at the cutting-edge of science and innovation.

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This need for us to think differently is likely to be required even more as we face the future to ensure we are in the strongest possible position to address the challenges ahead.

We consider Quality Improvement to be an integral part of everyone’s daily work through learning, improving and innovating.

This area of work is particularly important as patient perceptions and expectations continue to change across generations with the advent of digital and self-service interfaces.

‘Newcastle Improvement’ has brought together the expertise of the service improvement and transformation team (SITT), transformation and financial improvement team (TFIT) and quality improvement to support a culture of continuous quality improvement and the capacity to facilitate service and quality improvements alongside clinical teams.

A key element of developing this programme will be training Newcastle Hospitals’ staff in the techniques and theory of improvement science, so they can empower teams to make positive change and evaluate and celebrate success.

If you’d like to know more about Newcastle Improvement, please contact Iain Bestford, project director, email