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These are frequently asked questions regarding the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) funding for nurses, midwives and allied health professionals (AHPs)

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What is Continuing Professional Development (CPD) funding?

In 2020, the Chief Nursing Officer introduced CPD funding, to supplement other funding streams, to enable every Registered Nurse, Nursing Associate, Midwife and Allied Health Professional (AHP) to access training and development valued at up to £1,000.

The funding is available until the end of March 2023 and our ambition is to use as much as possible before this deadline.

Which professional groups are included for allocation of CPD funding?

  • Registered nurses and midwives
  • Nursing associates
  • Allied Health Professionals:
    • Dieticians
    • Occupational therapists
    • Operating department practitioners
    • Orthoptists
    • Orthotists and prosthetists
    • Physiotherapists
    • Podiatrists
    • Radiographers – diagnostic and therapeutic
    • Speech and language therapists

Don’t worry if your role isn’t included above – you can still access training support. Just get in touch with the team on extension 24710 or email [email protected]

Are there staff who cannot access this additional CPD funding?

Regardless of profession or role, all staff are encouraged to explore development opportunities and can be given information about funding options to support their requests.

How do I apply for CPD funding?

To apply for CPD funding, you need to complete the study leave form which can be found on the intranet under Policies and Guidelines.

Please make sure your Study Leave application has been approved with your line manager and that you tick the box highlighting your request to access CPD funding. The completed form should then be returned to [email protected]

If you have any questions about your application call the team on extension 24710 or email [email protected]

How do I get help to identify my development needs?

Your annual appraisal is the ideal time to discuss how you can develop yourself further, or you can arrange a career conversation at any time. You and your manager should agree aims and objectives as part of your Personal Development Plan (PDP) including how to make CPD work for you.

Many staff benefit from going on conferences, study days or webinars. You may develop a new interest or see a course advertised you’d like to explore.

We can help you find what you are looking for to suit your role, and the funding to make it a reality.

How will I know what learning/courses are on offer?

You can access information provided by all usual sources such as your line manager, clinical educators, the intranet or email adverts.

And there are useful links on our regional universities for example:

Northumbria University – CPD courses

Newcastle University – CPD courses  

Faculty of Medical Sciences – CPD courses

Sunderland University – CPD courses

You can also call extension 24710 or email [email protected]

What other funding is available to support my development?

There are a number of funding sources – all staff can make an application to the Trust Study Leave budget but you may need to pay a personal contribution towards your learning depending on the ‘level’, determined by the service/personal requirement for the request as outlined in the Study Leave Policy which can be found on the intranet under Policies and Guidelines.

Continuing Workforce Development (CWD) funding is available to non-medical, clinical staff including Health Care Scientists and Pharmacists.

You may also have access to departmental funding.

How can I use the CPD funding?

You can use your funding to apply for conferences or learning opportunities.

Please be aware that internal ie. in-house education and development opportunities and courses have a value dependant on their length and commitment required, not just external training. For example, a whole day course may be £100 and a half-day event may be £50.

You will be able to apply for funding for different educational activity eg. in-house study days, modules at universities and conferences, and these may be classroom based or virtual.

Some internal provision is mandatory and does not require CPD funding eg. Basic Life Support and fire training.

If you have any additional questions, you can call the team on extension 24710 or email [email protected]

Will CPD funding be used for essential learning?

Some essential learning will have CPD funding allocated accordingly. For example, ‘Preceptorship’ or ‘New to Post Clinical Skills’. While these are considered ‘essential to your role’ they are additional to corporate and local induction, and what you would receive if you were employed in the same role at another organisation.

Are there restrictions on the use of CPD funding?

CPD funding can only be used for the development of staff and not for statutory and mandatory training, backfill for staff attending training, or to fund Professional Registration Fees.

All applications must be for learning/education purposes and be able to demonstrate a direct benefit to the NHS. CPD funding covers the course fee only – not travel, accommodation or subsistence. Additional funding can be arranged via the Trust’s Study Leave Policy for these costs.

What happens if the cost of the programme/course/study day or conference exceeds £1,000?

Your application will be considered on a case-by-case basis by our funding panel.

Any member of staff can also apply for funding via the Study Leave Policy and you may be eligible for ‘mixed’ funding. You will be advised of the options available to you.

Do I need to use CPD funding if I am completing the Advanced Clinical Practice (ACP) pathway?

ACPs continue to be funded by Health Education England (HEE) so if you have been awarded ACP funding, you would not need to use CPD funding for these.

Do I need to use all available CPD funding in one year?

If you are eligible to apply for additional CPD funding, you can use it either all in one go, or split over a number of months. However, this funding needs to be allocated by March 2023.

What if my request for funding is not approved by the panel?

If you have requested funding greater than £1,000 and the panel has not approved your application, you would need to submit a formal appeal in writing.

What happens if I leave the Trust during this time?

If you leave the Trust during this time you would not need to repay CPD funding. However, other funding provided would need to be repaid as per the ‘bonding’ arrangement in the Study Leave policy on the intranet under Policies and Guidelines.

What can I do if I have an idea for learning/education not currently offered?

If you have an idea for design and delivery of learning or development not currently available then please contact the team by email [email protected]

Not every idea will be viable but we will review and discuss your suggestion with the appropriate staff to see if we can support the development of new, quality assured, education in line with Trust priorities and training needs.

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If you have any additional questions, please contact the team on extension 24710 or email [email protected]