Leadership & Lifelong Learning

How we recruit and keep our people, welcome back colleagues who want to return, and provide staff with opportunities to develop and learn at any stage in their careers, is a key component of Flourish.

While want to continue to be the recognised employer and educator of choice in the North East and our aim is to become the best place in the NHS to train and also to be the most flexible employer in our NHS peer group.

Supported by Flourish, we will ensure each member of staff is able to liberate their potential and, as part of our strategy, have set out clear objectives on what we want to achieve including:

  • Ensuring we have clear and robust strategies to ensure our workforce is sustainable and that we have the right number of staff to meet our patients’ needs
  • Delivering excellence in education and learning
  • Being a national leader in attracting, recruiting, training and nurturing a clinical academic workforce, using innovative models to maximise opportunities
  • Increasing capacity and capability to deliver a pipeline of talent and expertise for the Trust and local systems