Let’s get moving!

Move More is a 4 week challenge where teams join together in a race to log as many steps as possible!

A massive well done to all 32 teams that have signed up for the challenge! You are well on your way through our tour of the UK.

If you are taking part in the challenge, log your steps here every Monday.

Check out the leaderboard below where you can see how you are all doing.

Keep stepping!

The Move More Challenge

Every Monday, the leaderboard gets updated with your weekly step count. Keep going!

Team names Weekly steps Total
PSCs Catherine Swanston, Tom Cowan, Lorraine Innes, Gemma Harris, Laura Snowdon, James Wood
803,365 2,834,925
Nuclear Steppers Jo King, Michael Storey, Tori Hide, Connor Fagan, Nadia Houghton, Vally Busiz
772,730 2,755,057
Step and Deliver Emma Schultz, Christine Govan, Gemma Taylor, Lucy Patterson, Lucy Lawson , Jill Haves
648,546 2,474,684
Red Hot Chilli Steppers - Research financial management Gillian Chater, Ian Mattimore, Wendy Mitson, Chris Curry, Carolyn Mumford, Catherine Raistrick
528,649 2,163,502
Red Hot Chilli Steppers Florence Gerakios, Helen Pilkington, Rachael Lawson, Philip Brown, Keaton Irving
546,193 2,104,559
Shuffling Sole Mates Janice Keith, Sarah Webb, Pauline Bosson, Kate McPherson, Amanda Timney, Gemma Rennison
504,019 2,097,275
Holy Walkamolies Natalie Yeowart, Richard Oliver, Deborah Brien, Amanda Waterfall, Fay Darville, Emma Nichol
507,014 1,961,379
IF Team Lisa Gemmell, Emma Priestley, Colette Kirk, Sally Watts, Jess McDonald, Hayley Leyland
413,535 1,868,889
Reddy, Steady, Go Kim Williams-Davies, Janine Gradwell, Michael Stephens, Angela Cobb, Lisa Penny, Phillipa Breakspear-Dean
477,802 1,847,417
Ladies in Red Shona McPhee, Angela Cairns, Elizabeth Middleton, Jane Wise, Sally Ohre, Esther Scorer
455,171 1,825,665
The Storming Cytokines Jeremy Nell, Steve Boag, Catherine Stroud, Andrea Bell, Dinusha Chandratilleke, Suzy Elcombe
444,858 1,821,650
The Hyperventilators Barbara Bell, Lorna Turner, Lucy Snowdon, Elaine Hodgson, Gail Charlton, Deb Weedy
508,006 1,786,851
Sisters with Blisters Michelle Ramsey, Maria Leader, Caroline Cook, Kelly Lamb, Rebecca Kelly, Rachel Black
517,497 1,785,999
Dame Jackie and the Pacemakers Dame Jackie, Moira Dumma, Caroline Docking, Lewis Atkinson, Alison Greener, Natalie Lowthian
852,827 1,784,693
Micro Movers Jennifer Collins, Dr Julie Samuel, Kim Young, Michelle Permain, Joanne Levey, Angela Geering
566,530 1,681,422
Ca-move-ications Michelle Davies, Steph Riddington, Mark Oxley, Lynn Watson, Sophie World, Mel Armstrong
406,847 1,598,539
Not Fast but Furious Iona Dendle, Dawn Barclay, Sam Foggett, Samantha Burn, Christine Fagan
515,531 1,456,031
Happy Feet Beth Duggan, Lianne Horscroft, Jemma Marr, Emma Shephard, Sorcha Smith, Fergus O’Neil
455,000 1,404,318
Private and International Patients Rachel Hoggins, Kerry Abel, Jennifer Badger, Amanda Haley, Aileen Orr
362,247 1,369,452
The Hot Steppers! Akhtar Husain, Jo Ferguson, Julie Fletcher, Kelly Gribbon
293,390 1,342,125
The Alpha Band Gayle Hall, Kay Sweeney, Sinead Smith, Alasdair Gebbels, Dawn Mooney, Amy Winder
445,319 1,307,975
Psychology Steppers Fiona McKendrick, Heather Borrill, Ursula Hiermeier, Frances Farrell
357,362 1,125,463
Red Hot Chili Steppers - B&D Joseph Barton, Elliot Tame, Lisa Jordan, Maria Miller, Rachel Shakir, Mike Graham
340,390 971,312
The Level 8'ers Christina Sharpe, Rebecca Stephenson, Wendy Honey, Kelly Wrightson, Orla O’Connor, Maria McKenna
390,117 735,728
CARU All Stars Lorna Ramsey, Anne Ankers, Heather Hunter, Jennifer Wilkinson, Kathryn Walker, Kat Kerr
224,808 718,640
CARU Crew Ann McNichol, Lorna Ramsey, Calum Forsyth, Richard Joyce, Naomi Harvey, Maria Price
376,870 376,870
Fabulous Fertility Fitters Aleksandra Kwiatkowska, Polly Smith, Kelley Finley, Rachel Percival, Margaret Dunn ,Tina Katsighiras
363,603 363,603
The Oversteppers
321,182 321,182
The Three Musketeers Paul Fleck, Kate Johnston, Elhamsadat Mirjani
226,587 226,587
Safeguard and Step - SAS Gill Hutchison, Sharron Horsman, Deborah King, Liz Wray, Jenny Aitken, Mary Bartram
Team Thunder Kate Armstrong, Sonia Graham, Teri Bayliss, Audrey Barton, Chris Ham, Yasmin Leap
SBRU Team Sophie Thompson, Lee Jack, Jackie Ramsay, Helen Chambers, Joanna Wilson, Katie Barton
Thin it to win it Dani Colvin Laws, Victoria Platten, Julie Graham, James Deaville, Claire Pinder, Miranda Middleton
Tour de Steps Hloni Mpofu, Victoria Cunningham