Pledge it! Plan it!

April is all about making pledges and plans. Let’s #PledgeItPlanIt 

Whether it be leaving on time to go home to spend more time with family, making time for friends or being positive to those around you, we could all pledge to do something that will make a difference.

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This month’s Goodies

Downloadable and interactive goodies from this month’s campaign:

Printable Calendar / Wallplanner

Pledge and plan your month ahead and tick off what you’ve achieved.

‘Spread the Word’ Social Media & Printable Invitation Pack

Make a positive pledge and tell us what you’re up to (and encourage others to get involved).

Suggestion of the Day

Want to make your work life a little easier? Share your ideas in our suggestion box.

Funny Caption Competition!

Who says we can’t have some fun with Flourish?


Suggestion of the Day!

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It's April Fools! Have some fun!



Make contact with one new member of staff today



Have a Lunchtime Walk



Hold a Team Working Lunch (Away from Office)



Walk/Cycle to work



Rehydrate regularly - Drink more water



Do something nice for someone!



Smile at somebody, happiness & positivity is infectious!



Tell a colleague why you are proud of the NHS


DAY 10

Help a friend or colleague!


DAY 11

Take an hour to do exactly what ‘YOU' want!


DAY 12

Eat healthy for the day!


DAY 13

Get outdoors and enjoy the weekend.


DAY 14

Don't forget your steps... Let's reach our targets!


DAY 15

Have a digital free evening. Turn off your phone and relax.


DAY 16

Take a moment to focus on the here and now.


DAY 17

Get some headspace. Take 10 minutes out of your day to clear your mind.


DAY 18

Grab a drink with a friend! Think happy, be happy.


DAY 19

Encourage someone! We're all on the same journey.


DAY 20

Break out of your comfort zone & try something new!


DAY 21

Have a break and treat yourself.


DAY 22

Do something nice for a loved one.


DAY 23

Get outside and make the most of the weather!


DAY 24

Have a plastic free day.


DAY 25

Try and learn something new!


DAY 26

Have a stress free weekend!


DAY 27

Get your 8 hours of sleep and recharge your batteries.


DAY 28

Eat healthy, get your 5-a-day!


DAY 29

Do something nice for a stranger.


DAY 30

Have a meat free day!



Caption Competition

Look at this image and give us your funniest caption.

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Latest Entries

“What's on the end of your stick, Vic?"

John Lewis

“It seems Bob has bitten off more than he can chew"

Andrew Jones

“Me and my stick are going places!"

Wendy Mcevoy

“Billy the Bulldog branches out into his own dog walking business!"

David Thoburn

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