Here are some tips to help you

  • Limit checking in with the news/social media to once or twice a day – constant outbreak updates can contribute to stress and anxiety.
  • Take a break away from the clinical area – decompress, stop and take some deep breaths. If you can, go outside into natural light – it will help your mood and help your sleep.
  • Eat as healthily as you can and keep hydrated – avoid unhelpful coping strategies such as excessive caffeine, alcohol and nicotine.
  • Keep communicating with family, friends and colleagues – talk over difficult cases and consider formal debriefs later, especially if you feel worried or upset. We can all support each other.
  • Prioritise sleep – it is important to keep you healthy and performing well at work. Anxiety can make it harder to sleep – try not to worry if this happens. There are some sleep settings on meditation apps which might help.
  • Exercise is good for physical and mental health – it is one of the best ways to reduce stress. Even a few minutes of activity can help.
  • Continue to make time for the things you enjoy outside of work – these can be a welcome distraction and a good way to reduce stress

Work as a team and be there for each other