Take your emotional TEMPERATURE regularly. Notice and acknowledge your feelings – stressed, anxious, frustrated, sad. This maybe entirely appropriate to the situation and a sign your body and brain are doing exactly what they are designed to do.

Surf the waves

Try not to fight against distressing thoughts and feelings, noticing and accepting them allows us to let go of the struggle. Some situations we just can’t change. We can surf the waves rather
than trying to stop them. ALLOW these thoughts and feelings to just be and to pass.

Self compassion

Remember to be kind, compassionate and encouraging towards yourself rather than critical. Treat yourself as you would a FRIEND in the same situation.

Stop and breathe

Practice stopping and taking a breath before considering what action to take. PAUSING and taking a breath when feeling distressed can help us to both see the situation more clearly and decide what action to take.

Positive self talk

Try telling yourself “I can do this”, “I am CAPABLE”, “I have got through tough times before”, or find a different affirmation that works for you. Write it down, memorise it for when you need it.

With thanks to colleagues across the world who have shared resources to support psychological wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic.