Chaplaincy team

Our multi-faith chaplaincy team provide support to patients, their families, carers and staff. Health care is more than simply looking after physical needs. We all have emotional, psychological and spiritual needs – and being in a hospital environment as a patient or a member of staff may unearth deep seated feelings and emotions within us all. That’s normal and natural.


The focus of the chaplain’s work is to ensure that there are opportunities to explore those beliefs and allow them to be respected, cared for and thought about in appropriate ways by providing:

  • opportunities to talk about what’s happening/explore fears and concerns/share  emotions – especially when we experience a crisis of belief  or distress  because we are exposed to traumatic situations
  • access to familiar religious and non-religious rites or rituals that support us and provide us with coping mechanisms.

The support provided is available for everyone – patients, relatives, and staff – to people of all faiths and none. It is not exclusively for those who consider themselves to be ‘religious’.

Please ensure that you are aware of your patient’s religious/belief background and how important it is for them to have access to Chaplaincy Support and refer for chaplaincy support in a timely way.

Please remember that non-religious people also experience emotional distress/ crisis of belief and often find talking to an experienced Chaplain helpful.

Supporting staff is an important part of the Chaplaincy role and the Chaplaincy team includes trained mental health first aiders.

We work closely with the Occupational Health Department, Mental Health First Aiders, Psychology and the Staff Counselling Service in offering both formal and informal support to individuals and groups.

Quiet spaces are available for staff to use as a calming/de-stressing/prayer space.

Faith ritual resources (prayer mats; scared texts; prayers etc.) will be available for those who want them.  

These are spaces for everyone to use – religious and non-religious – please use these spaces with respect for the breadth of beliefs people hold.

The services provided by the hospital chaplaincy are available to those who require them, at any point during a patient’s hospitalisation and care, and to any member of staff working in the Trust

The team consists of Chaplains who represent all of the major faiths/belief traditions found in the region drawn from regional NHS trusts.

Chaplains provide a 24 hour on-call Service every day. Please contact them through the switchboard. They will respond to urgent requests within one hour.

They may not be on site – and may have a distance to travel – so please call sooner rather than later.


Rev’d Capt. Katie Watson Head of Chaplaincy, Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Telephone: 0191 213 9473