What is Flourish?

Our vision for #FlourishAtNewcastleHospitals is that we want to support everyone to liberate their potential at work so that we can create the best NHS organisation we can.

Our work

We’ve already done some key pieces of work with staff, such as developing and embedding our values, creating bespoke leadership and development training, and taking practical steps to support wellbeing at work – with new staff rooms and providing access to hot food.

Staff communities with a particular interest have been encouraged to take forward developments, such as through the sustainability and equality networks, and throughout the pandemic we have particularly focussed on staff safety, welfare and psychological wellbeing.

But Flourish isn’t about what a small number of senior managers do in the organisation, quite the opposite. It’s about the experience that every member of staff has every day. It’s about how it feels to come to work in your own teams.

We all have a part to play in influencing our world of work so we know where we’re making a difference and where we can do more. Every member of staff should be confident about our commitment to ensure that Newcastle Hospitals is a great place to work and that every member of the team is empowered to be an active participant in developing our culture.

How can Flourish help us?

FlourishatNewcastleHospitals incorporates the principles of organisational development. The model is built around 3 connected domains, which work in parallel:

• Leadership – developing the best you
• Strategy and Governance (system 1) to align and deliver priorities working within formal structures and systems to enhance performance in a way which meaningfully engages with staff and enables all people to thrive.
• Developing networks of activity (system 2) to create a cycle of continuous improvement to drive transformation and sustainable change aligning strategy and capability.

An infographic depicting the different branches of Flourish - Newcastle improvement, Staying well, celebrating diversity, values and heard, lifelong learning, shine, sustainable healthcare

We’ve revisited this framework and looked at how we can set actions in place which suit where we are now. We need to really challenge our approach and adapt after the last year of the pandemic and consider:

  • How can we ensure every single manager in the trust understands their role in relation to flourish? Do our policies and processes help us to do the right thing, without limiting our ability to innovate?
  • How can we make sure that our Governance frameworks get the balance right between keeping us safe and being fully compassionate in our responses?
  • Are we clear about how we articulate the behaviours we expect from each other, and how we will challenge people who don’t live up to our behavioural standards?

Our next steps

Our programme for 2021/2022 will build on what we have already done and shortly we will be sharing our key plans and priorities moving forward.

We also had excellent feedback from over 7,000 staff through the national staff survey and are sharing directorate level results across the trust. These give a vital insight into our experiences but please talk with your colleagues about any ideas you have, and the actions you can take locally to make sure that you and your teams can flourish.

As we develop the programme further there will also be more formal opportunities to take part in focus groups, surveys and listening events so that you can influence the shape of this exciting and important programme of work.

In the meantime, Dame Jackie is always keen to hear your thoughts and ideas and you can email her at newcastlehospitals.ceo@nhs.net.