Flourish Key Themes

Through engagement with staff, we have identified the areas which matter to us all at Newcastle Hospitals and which are part of the way we work.

What are the Flourish key themes?

Flourish six key themes

Our six key themes make up areas of focus for our Flourish work and are:

Staying Well

Through Flourish, our priority is to work with our staff to promote good physical, mental and psychological health and wellbeing, and to support those who need help.

Lifelong Learning

How we recruit and keep our people, welcome back colleagues who want to return, and provide staff with opportunities to develop and learn at any stage in their careers, is a key component of Flourish.

Celebrating Diversity

We recognise there is real benefit in providing an inclusive environment in which diverse employees can work together and feel valued. We actively promote equality of opportunity.

Valued and Heard

One of the key factors affecting whether we feel engaged at work is the degree to which we feel valued and recognised by the organisation we work for and the people we work with.

Quality Improvement

We consider Quality Improvement to be an integral part of everyone’s daily work through learning, improving and innovating.

Shine Sustainable Healthcare in Newcastle

Together we have committed to improving the health, wealth and wellbeing of our local population and tackling climate change is a shared priority for us all.

As part of our Flourish framework, our leaders are expected to constantly work on developing both System One and importantly on System Two. A vibrant System Two reflects the pride that we all feel and embodies our values.