What is Flourish?

#FlourishatNewcastleHospitals aims to support our staff to liberate their full potential. It strives to enable everyone to be the best they can be to create an outstanding organisation together – a place where people are proud to work and want to be.

Flourish isn’t about what a small number of senior managers do in the organisation, quite the opposite. It’s about the experience that every member of staff has every day. It’s about how it feels to come to work in your own teams.

We all have a part to play in influencing our world of work so we know where we’re making a difference and where we can do more. Every member of staff should be confident about our commitment to ensure that Newcastle Hospitals is a great place to work and that every member of the team is empowered to be an active participant in developing our culture.

Flourish Framework

The Flourish framework is built around three connected domains, which work in parallel to
facilitate the liberation of staff potential. It includes the following three areas outlined in the diagram below:

  1. Developing our leaders to build healthier and stronger teams

2. Having a strategy and governance framework to organise and guide our day-to-day work (System 1)

3. Dynamic networks of activity led by empowered staff (System 2)

flourish explainer
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