What Matters to You

Working alongside the Institute for Health Improvement (IHI), our What Matters to You Programme aims to support and empower teams across Newcastle Hospitals to have more meaningful conversations that inspire change.

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We recognise that the best path to improving staff experience at Newcastle Hospitals is to engage with colleagues and understand what matters to them. 

Our WMTY programme provides our teams with the tools they need to create a positive and supportive environment, where we listen and respond to what matters to staff.

What Matters to our Staff

In pursuit of a truly person-centred approach to staff experience, we delivered an exercise in 2021 alongside the IHI to find out what matters to our staff by asking: 

  • What does a good day look like?
  • What are the pebbles in your shoe? (What gets in the way of a good day?)

We also asked teams about their “bright spots” – which looks at what we do well and what is great about Newcastle. 

Through these conversations, we are identifying themes and work streams to make changes – and colleagues identified the following key areas for us to work on:

  • Greater autonomy and control – particularly more flexibility and more control over workload. To work smarter, not harder.
  • More participative management – to feel more involved, included, listened to and engaged in decisions that affect you.
  • Better physical and psychological safety – to feel physically and emotionally safe and supported, with mental health being a priority.

Our Maternity department has been undertaking an improvement project that asks colleagues: “What matters to you?” Together they have begun to develop pastoral care and support between peers, the ward environment, changes in postnatal service provision and how
they communicate with each other.

A number of new ways of working have now been introduced, including regular huddles. You can
hear more about this project here:

If you would like to begin some What Matters to You conversations with your team or deliver a programme of work linked to staff experience – find out more by emailing[email protected]

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