Team NHS Blue Wave

nhs wave

A wave of NHS blue swept along the Quayside on Friday, as part of the Great North 5k.

Thanks to the generosity of Newcastle Hospitals Charity, the event brought colleagues and friends together from across the NHS to have fun and improve their health and wellbeing as part of one of the biggest running events in the UK.

After the success of the NHS Wave back in 2019, we wanted to bring back this energy and excitement into the event this year. Supporting the health and wellbeing of our colleagues is a key focus for our Flourish programme, particularly as we recover from the pandemic.  It was amazing to see so many people get involved for 2022 – hitting the streets to celebrate the unity of Newcastle Hospitals. This event truly was for everyone – it was all about taking part, building up some team spirit, and celebrating the NHS.

You can see below some photos from the day.