Ticket/Voucher Collections Update


Following a 6 month pilot of new collection days/times at the RVI & Freeman, we have made the operational decision to not continue with physical collections.

Our final collection dates will be: Monday 11th December @ RVI and Tuesday 12th December @ Freeman.

Feedback from members has highlighted that staff often struggle to take time out for collections, especially when based on wards and theatres, due to work/staffing pressures and shift patterns.

Almost all of our suppliers tickets/vouchers are now electronic meaning we are able to distribute to members via NHS emails, eliminating the need for physical collection. The primary aim of this change is to make members receiving their vouchers quicker and easier.

On the very rare occasion that we do have physical tickets/vouchers for an event, collection will still be available from Regent Point, or alternatively we will be offering discounted recorded postage.

Should you have any questions about this change, or wish to offer your feedback please email [email protected].