Dynamic Networks of Activity (System 2)

Dynamic networks of activity that are led by empowered staff are essential because our work should be shaped and developed by our teams – for their benefit now and in the future.

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Change happens through passionate people and no matter how good our leaders are, and how clear our governance structures, the success of Newcastle Hospitals has always been our remarkable members of staff who work incredibly hard to create excellence. That is what system two is all about.

System two doesn’t have a hierarchy, and isn’t about what happens in formal meetings.  Instead it recognises what happens when passionate and expert staff come together to imagine how they would like the future to be. 

It encompasses a cycle of continuous quality improvement, driving transformation and sustainable change.  Whether this is in terms of clinical practice and the quality of service we provide, staff and patient experience or tackling the climate emergency – or any other area that ignites passion.  It is the work that creates and strengthens the positive culture in the trust when people come together to tackle a challenge and stand up for improvement.  It creates high motivation and enables positive work satisfaction and innovation.

We aim to achieve System 2 by:

  • Empowering our staff to drive sustainable change
  • Embedding a culture of continuous quality improvement 
  • Staff forming communities of interest around issues that interest and motivate them
  • Routine and regular staff engagement, feedback and action