Strategy and Governance (System 1)

Having a clear strategy and governance framework helps us to organise and guide our day-to-day work.

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System 1 is important because we all need access to polices, processes and systems that enable us to safely and accurately do the best possible job, every day. This sets us all clear goals and helps to guide our work.

Our strategy was published in 2019 and is aligned round our 5 P’s (patients, people, partnerships, performance and pioneers). It sets out and encompasses our organisational vision and values, and is the framework around which we set our objectives for the trust.

We also know that our strategy and governance framework need to be purposely designed and tailored, practical, easily to understand and familiar to staff at all levels in the organisation.

We will achieve System 1 via:

  • Our strategy, vision and objectives
  • Our policy and processes as enablers to doing the right thing
  • Our Well Led approach, the way we assure the board and manage risk
  • How we make decisions
  • How we set priorities
  • How we measure success
  • Our organisational structure