Clean Air

We want to embed active, clean and low carbon travel to improve air quality and reduce carbon emissions

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We aim to:

  • Reduce air pollution and carbon emissions from our owned and commissioned transport operations
  • Use our influence to help fast track the decarbonisation of transport in our supply chain
  • Increase the proportion of people accessing our sites by active and sustainable travel methods

Air Pollution

Air Pollution is the single biggest environmental risk to health in the UK, and requires a health sector response. Health professionals can play a key role in education and informing patients about the health risks of air pollution.

Watch our Clean Air Day webinar – ‘talking to patients about air pollution’.

View slides here:

The impacts of air pollution on health (552.64kB) Air quality in Newcastle (5.09MB) Air quality at the RVI (1.21MB) Talking to patients about air pollution (1.83MB)

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