Sustainable Suppliers

We aim to embed sustainability and support for climate emergency action into all purchasing decisions, working towards a net zero carbon supply chain.

We have published the following aspirations in our Climate Emergency Strategy

  • Consume less
  • Embed carbon reduction into our procurement processes
  • Establish positive relationships with key suppliers
  • Engage in research and innovation in order to reduce impact across whole value chain
  • Improve confidence in our supply chain carbon data
  • Invest more in our local supply chain
  • Increase the amount of sustainable, local, healthy food available to staff, patients and visitors

Working in partnership with SmartCarbon Ltd, we have developed a multi-award winning ‘five step supply chain framework’, which aims to proactively engage and support suppliers, from the smallest to the largest. The programme is mandatory for all suppliers and will be incorporated into contractual requirements.

Net Zero Carbon Supplier – 5 step framework

Please progress through the steps below, even if you haven’t completed all five steps, all progress is welcome. You should revisit and update your progress annually.

Step 1: Share Views

  • You can share your views via the annual survey at this link. This survey asks for your opinions on our aspirations for a Net Zero supply chain by 2040, and for your suggestions for support. We are keen to hear from you which actions we should prioritise and what innovative solutions you may be aware of.

Step 2: Support, network and collaborate

We offer a range of optional support including:

  • Webinars and events. We run supplier webinars/events on an annual basis. These are designed to raise awareness, inform and engage suppliers about our action plans and Carbon Footprint Plus reporting.
  • For recordings from the Sustainable Supplier Event – 12th July 2023 – click here      
  • Case Studies. We would like to encourage shared learning and collaborative working within the supply chain. Please visit the case studies section of this website for more information. You can also submit your own case study to [email protected]
  • Additional resources: Visit the resources section of our website for more information including FAQs and a supplier information pack.

Step 3: Report carbon performance

We require suppliers to report their performance directly, via the SmartCarbon Calculator platform. We need your carbon footprint data to feed into our footprint plus performance figures. This should be reported to us on an annual basis.

There are three options available depending on the level of support you require in calculating your carbon footprint.

  1. Free. For those organisations that have already calculated their carbon footprint and have the data ready to submit, there is a free reporting platform option.
  2. Free. SmartCarbon Lite Account. Basic carbon calculator for those organisations that have core data available (e.g. gas and electricity consumption) but haven’t yet calculated the carbon impact.
  3. Discounted. SmartCarbon Full Account. 10% supplier discount available for those organisations that would like to access the full functionality of the calculator and reporting tool. Results are automatically fed back to the supplier dashboard.

Please use the following link to enrol your organisation: Please use your work email account and enter the code NUTHSUPP10 to link your results to our account.

Step 4: Publish Net Zero target (minimum 2040)

We require suppliers to commit and publish Net Zero targets aligned with Newcastle Hospital’s 2040 ambition, by 2030. To report step 4, please use registration link above.

Step 5: Publish a Carbon Reduction Plan

To report step 5, please use the same registration link above.

We recommend you use the template available at this link:

The central NHS England Procurement team are running some sessions on Carbon Reduction Plans (CRPs) for suppliers with projects over £5 million:

Useful Links & Resources

Resource Catalogue (153.69kB)
  • SBRI Healthcare, an Accelerated Access Collaborative initiative, in partnership with Greener NHS and the AHSN Network, is delighted to announce a new competition; Competition 24: Delivering a Net Zero NHS for a Healthier Future is open to early-stage innovations that focus on net zero clinical engagement and pathway transformation, and novel business models to enable circularity in perioperative and critical care. £50,000-£100,000 is available to companies and organisations (small and large) including charities and NHS providers to develop innovations that help us build a net zero NHS.
  • Innovation funding for SMEs

Feedback from our suppliers

More than 750 suppliers have engaged with encouraging feedback.  Suppliers include; Johnson and Johnson, Drager, SharpSmart, Vanguard, NHS BT, NE1 logistics, Potts Printers.

As part of the project we invite suppliers to share their experiences on their Net Zero journeys by sending us a case study:

Case study template:

Supplier case study template (33.71kB)

Supplier Case Studies

Potts Print (187.92kB) SEE Sustainability (190.49kB) Numatic (189.62kB) NHS Blood and Transplant (162.02kB) Kinseed Ltd (173.54kB) Data Southern Enterprises Ltd (169.95kB) Stone Technologies Ltd (163.24kB)

What do our suppliers think?

Step 1 feedback

“We are keen to commit to our Net Zero journey but would welcome further guidance on how to achieve our goals.”

“I am fully supportive of the NHS net zero targets. However, as an SME I would welcome information and support regarding how we can reach net zero by 2030.”

“As a small business, we would welcome advice and support.”

Step 2 feedback

“Really enjoyed the webinar and net zero carbon will positively impact on my sector so that is encouraging from a business point of view but going forward this is mega important for the next generation!”

“Thank you for taking a positive stance on this issue.”

“As any sensible occupant of this planet is doing, we are committed to doing all we can to reduce our impact on it.”

Step 3 feedback

“The process of reporting our footprint data via SmartCarbon was straight forward and the steps were simple to follow. As we have already mapped our footprint data, we just referenced this when uploading it to the Smart Carbon platform. The platform was easy to use and navigate and was a quick process to complete.”

Beck Owen, Deputy Director, Corporate Services Division, Potts Print (UK)

“SmartCarbon Ltd took NHS BT through a comprehensive data collection, calculation and reporting process that was both aligned to the wider NHS Net Zero Plan and the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.  This involved utilising the SmartCarbon Calculator platform to produce the desired reports in a format that enabled the Organisation to effectively communicate carbon performance in a way that is accessible to all stakeholders, from Donor to Patient, as we continue to improve and save lives in a Sustainable way.”

Colin Waller,  Environmental Advisor, NHS Blood and Transplant

“The support provided to SharpSmart UK by the team at SmartCarbon has been exceptional! They are very knowledgeable, responsive and have been supportive in guiding us to simplify the process.  The SmartCarbon Calculator is a really easy and useful tool to support our carbon reporting requirements, and is adaptable to organisational and project structures.   The supporting training and consultancy packages have helped to progress our commitment to reducing our impact and we are looking forward to a continued working relationship as our strategy evolves to match our ambition to do our bit to tackle the Climate Emergency.”

Amy Beamish, Continuous Improvement Manager | Sharpsmart UK

Contact details

• If you have any queries on the 5-step process, please contact: [email protected]

• If you have any queries on the SmartCarbon reporting portal, please see website at:  or contact [email protected]

More Information:

Case study about the project:Sustainability-Showcase-SmartCarbon-Calculator.pdf (