Coaching and Mentoring

We support each other by providing coaching and mentoring opportunities for colleagues that help develop their skills and grow.

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Coaching and mentoring can help staff to discover hidden talents, improve their application of skills and reach their full potential.

In the process of coaching, an individual is provided with guidance on their goals or objectives in order to help them reach their full potential in specific personal or career development areas. 

We support staff interested in accessing a coach, staff interested in training as a workplace coach, and CPD information for members of staff already coaching.

In mentoring, a senior or more experienced individual acts as an adviser. They provide support to – and feedback on – the individual, and share their knowledge, skills, and/or experience to help them develop and grow, after taking the time to understand the individual and their personal challenges.

Workplace coaching and mentoring can be accessed for a number of different reasons. Find out more by emailing [email protected].