Our facilities offer state of the art equipment allowing us to replicate a comprehensive range of scenarios.

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High quality simulation has been provided by the Newcastle Hospitals since 2012 and we have continued to develop our training portfolio ever since.

We have two purpose-built simulation centres at the Royal Victoria Infirmary and Freeman Hospital.

Our systems can introduce clinical staff to critical situations, such as the onset of severe chest pain, and teach them how to manage interventions and techniques. This means recreating realistic scenarios set in a safe and non-threatening environment. These are carefully managed in purpose built training rooms, using simulation manikins which reproduce clinical symptoms.

Non-clinical sessions can focus on team building, multi-professional working and systems leadership development using a variety of scenarios.

Each session is captured on video and can be streamed via a live feed to the adjacent training rooms or online virtual rooms, enabling a detailed evaluation of the scenario so that learning can be shared with all participants simultaneously.

For further information please email [email protected] or visit Simulation centres – Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust website.